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Hello to All Price Backers Publishers! As our publisher you'll get lifetime commission for each target action of the client that joined our service via your affiliate link. You'll get commission during all the period he uses the service. That means you'll earn regularly even if once you bring us an active customer.    Our target audience are dropshippers and resellers who buy products from Home depot, Walmart, and (soon) Amazon (USA, UK). Our customers are dropshippers and resellers from all over the world, we have customers from Israel, United states, Latvia, Thailand, India and many more. Our target audience and your goal too is to bring us the biggest dropshippers and resellers that buy porducts from Home depot, Walmart, and (soon) Amazon (USA, UK). Big dropshippers / resellrs can bring you hundreds of earnings monthly.   Target action is a refund from Home depot, Walmart, and (soon) Amazon (USA, UK) that customer gets with Price Backers. And as our publisher you'll get a percent from every refund sum.   Some details. Price Backers is an innovative automatic software to earn extra cash back int the dropshipping industry. we support dropshippers that use those suppliers for their dropshipping business Home Depot, Walmart and on middle of October also Amazon. On this year we are going to add a lot of features that will be relevant for dropshippers and for the e-commerce industry. Explanations about the software: We giving refunds by Price adjustment (Price Drop), Price Match and Late shipments on those retailers. We Collect the customer Data from the gmails We request the relevant refunds for our customers The customer only need to continue to do dropshipping. We are not a repricer like (Autods, Dsm tool, Oagenius, skugrid and others). we are extra cash back to every other cash back option like: regular cash back website (like rakutan, befrugal, giving assistant etc), Tax exempt. Discount gift cards - which mean that if you talking with someone that already using those 1-3 options, so we are the 4th option for them to earn more backend profits! How long we search back? Home Depot - 90 days. Walmart - 30 days. Amazon - 30 days. which mean that if customer purchased for product on home depot 90 days back and he should get refund by price drop, price match or late shipment - this customer will get the refund. How to Sign Up? Our customers need to add their gmail account (as much they want) and PayPal, then we generate them refunds. It's working that we give them refunds during the month and we charge 30% success fee - only if we generate them refunds without any setup fee. They can export excel sheet to see their refunds. example: we give for some customer 10$ * 10 times, so he earned 100$, we gonna charge 30$ by Paypal on 7th of each month. *When we will support Amazon, The customer need to give us permmissions for his amazon buyer account. for Amazon it is very common to do dropshipping on eBay, Walmart, Facebook Marketplace (USA). Your commission as affiliates: we pay the % fee as much the customer is exist, we keep paying you monthly fee. we recommend to you to see our website and to understand more how we are working and more about our satisfied customers.
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