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Teknistore.com is a company that has managed to fit in a short time, in a highly competitive industry such as online sales. You can find what you want online at all times and always discover new products, also you can always count on the support of our staff via email or conveniently online through live chat support, you can ask for information and insights. Our portal is intended to be marketed throughout the European market, we rely on the support of many retailers who have chosen teknistore.com for the resale of hi-tech products.   Our distinctive features are: Great attention to customer needs, evidenced by the creation of an internal Care Team, consisting of product specialists who can be contacted via phone, chat, or e-mail in a position to guide and assist in product selection and troubleshooting. Immediate availability of the product - more than 90 % of the products in the catalog are ready for delivery. The quantity of the stock is clearly visible on each product page. High content organization - you can search and compare products fast and easy. Advanced logistics based on an information system capable of giving the customer the constant monitoring of availability of stock, and the acceptance of order's progress. Payment solutions tailored different payment methods to meet the customer's needs. After-sale service will benefit from a one-year warranty offered by teknistore.com (this information is shown on the product page). The advantages of working with the affiliate program: GEO: the whole world. The lifetime of the cookie – 30 days. The hold time – 30 days. Sincerely,  Teknistore.com affiliate program.
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