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Кэшбэк Glasswire

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Company Description: Our team always wanted a network security tool like this, so we created GlassWire. After our team worked for over a year on the project, Jon Hundley posted GlassWire to YCombinator’s Hacker News (a popular site for startups). The post immediately jumped to the front page of Hacker News with over 1,000 points and over 300 comments! We were excited to see other people found GlassWire useful and our team made the decision to work on the project full time. After the popular Hacker News post, GlassWire was positively reviewed in many publications like PCWorld, Fast Company, LifeHacker, PCMag, Forbes, and many others. Our team hopes you also find GlassWire useful and we’ll continue to work hard to keep adding features and improvements to the app. How does it work? Add a link to your website using an affiliate link and get a percentage of every sale you send to GlassWire.  The website used to promote GlassWire should be about computers, networking, Internet security, software, or the Internet. The promoter must represent and control its own website with its own domain name. The website that promotes GlassWire must be free of malware, cracks, spam, or toolbar downloads. Tips GlassWire converts best if you link to our main web page at www.glasswire.com. Most users want to download our software and try it before buying it. Cookie time: 90days Campaign Description: Glasswire.com provides its publishers an opportunity to earn revenue in case of sales will come from Admitad's publisher link.  Target Countries: Worldwide Objective:- For this campaign main objective is to generate the sale by diverting the users to the advertiser website through Admitad's affiliate links. Note : Backup discs and other physical fulfillments are not commissionable
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